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Catalog : NOCTU 005

Name : 1991 Rave Re-Gener8tor EP

Artist : Jean Bruce, Mark Archer, Olivier Abbeloos, Minimun Syndicat; Jeff Strike

Remixer : Slipmatt

Release date : May 2019

EP with legendary Mark Archer (Altern8), Olivier Abbeloos (T99), Minimun Syndicat and Jeff Strike

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Catalog : NOCTUBOOT 001

Name : Chicago Side / Belgium Side

Artist : Jean Bruce

Release date : 2018

Small 10” Limited vinyl , Only 8 Copy released

Catalog : NOCTU 004

Name : Techno Soul EP

Artist : Jean Bruce, Woody McBride

Remixer : Dj ESP

Release date : 2017

EP with a great remix of Dj Esp aka Woody McBride and a masterised 2017 version of Put Your Smile On your Face from woody to

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Catalog : NOCTU 003

Name : 1991 Rave Gener8tor EP

Artist : Jean Bruce, Minimum Syndicat

Remixer : Mark Archer

Release date : 2011

Third EP with a great remix of Mark Archer from Alter 8. Two oldschool track by Minimun Syndicat.
Only 100 Vinyls copy availlable.
This vinyl is now a collector very rare !

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Catalog : NOCTU 002

Name : Qubo

Artist : Jean Bruce

Remixer : Dalcan, David Caretta

Release date : 2011

Second EP of Nocturbulous with Jean Bruce EBM style with club remix style from André Dalcan and Techno remix by David Carreta

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Catalog : NOCTU 001

Name : YVY

Artist : Jean Bruce

Remixer : Da Fresh

Release date : 2009

First EP of Nocturbulous with Jean Bruce 

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